Strike of MoonClan
December 07, 2021, 11:46:05 am
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Strike of MoonClan: The Plot

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Author Topic: Strike of MoonClan: The Plot  (Read 93 times)
Dark Mousy
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« on: September 12, 2009, 03:46:42 am »

Strike of MoonClan: The Plot.

Four will become two. Lion and Tiger will meet in battle and Blood will rule the forest.
StarClan's procpecy, delivered by Bluestar, The Darkest Hour, chapter 4.

Once, there were four Clans in the forest: ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan. These Clans were lead by Firestar, Tallstar, Leopardstar and Tigerstar.

For a while, the Clans lived almost in harmony. But then, Tigerstar soon began to become jealous of the other three Clans, wanting the entire forest for himself. So he a cat from his Clan, Boulder, set of to TwolegPlace to speak with Scourge, the leader of BloodClan. Scourge agreed to help and ShadowClan and RiverClan joined up to form TigerClan, under the leadership of Tigerstar and Leopardstar.

But then, Tigerstar was killed by Scourge at a gathering. TigerClan’s leadership was taken over by Leopardstar for a huge war, which was eventually won by ThunderClan and WindClan, who had joined to become LionClan. The forest returned slowly to normal, Tigerstar’s old deputy, Blackfoot, taking over ShadowClan and Mistyfoot becoming the RiverClan deputy, despite being Half-Clan.

But, unknown to all the cats, Scourge had one Kit. This Kit came to ShadowClan and became known as Bloodkit. After her warrior ceremony, she became Bloodstorm, but was them told by her foster mother about her father. Bloodstorm ran to Fourtrees and there, she met up with a RiverClan cat, Darkclaw. They soon had two Kits, but one, the smaller, died. They named the other Dark-kit and he went on to become Darkpaw, then Darkheart. When he went to the HighStones, he met up with ShadowClan’s Medicine Cat, Bloodfang. When she heard about Scourge, Bloodfang quickly retired her position and became a warrior, leaving Medicine Cathood to her then apprentice, Crowpaw, who went on to become Crowpelt.

Very soon, Bloodfang and Darkheart had two Kits; Crowkit, and Dovekit. While Dovekit was less malevolent than her sisters, she still had killer potential. Rabbitclaw also had a Kit, Smokekit, with a cat from ThunderClan.

Then, something happened. Bloodfang got accused by ThunderClan of stealing a Kit, although she hadn’t. ShadowClan’s leader, Ravenstar, banished her, Rabbitclaw, her Kits, then only a moon old, and Darkheart. They came to the Moonstone, where Bloodfang was told by Tigerstar not to let any hostages out of her sight, and that MoonClan would rule the forest someday.

The cats then found somewhere safe to stay in HighStones, where MoonClan still live to this day in their camp.

However, a problem is now arising. Cats are going to Mothermouth but never returning. The leaders of the four other Clans are going together to the HighStones to find out what was happening. They never returned and were found dead a Moon later.

A scouting patrol of cats went to see what was going on and returned a Moon later, informing their Clanmates of MoonClan’s plot to take control of the entire forest. But they didn’t know that they were being followed. A small party of cats from MoonClan had been told by Bloodfang to tail them, and they did. They brought back the information that the four Clans were going to go to war and to destroy them.

Bloodfang was enraged. She went with Darkheart and Rabbitclaw and took all the kits from the four Clans hostage, but they were able to escape, thanks to the actions of a noble WindClan Warrior. MoonClan set off and killed nearly all of each Clan, although they have since recovered.

With MoonClan now enraged, the four other Clans have turned to StarClan for help. StarClan have sent down four cats, Riverstorm, who is now in RiverClan, Thunderstream, who is in ThunderClan, Blowingwind of WindClan and Shadow-wing of ShadowClan. These four cats will lead the cats of the Clans to victory, they hope. But DeathClan, where evil cats go when they die, have sent MoonClan a cat to help them. Moonshadow; the most dangerous of the special cats.

So, what will you do? Will you join Rivermist, Thunderclap, Blowingwind and Shadowrush, or will you side with Moonshadow and Bloodfang? You shall decide.
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