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Role Playing Rules

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Author Topic: Role Playing Rules  (Read 24 times)
Dark Mousy
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« on: August 16, 2009, 04:28:47 am »

No Powerplaying:
This is when a character has an unfair advantage over another, or is 'immune' to whatever attacks are aimed their way. This means:

    * No forcing a hit to land on another character without a fair chance of dodging.
    * No killing another character (unless they have specifically said that you may kill them).
    * No blocking every hit or action that is aimed your way. Your character is not a God: they have faults, make mistakes, fail at things.
    * No ignoring other people's attempts to attack or touch you in some way. If someone says that they grabbed your tail as you turned to run away, you can't pretend it didn't happen and run away anyway.
    * No being in the possession of information your character wouldn't know. You cannot know what another character is thinking unless you are a mind-reader, and you would not know if another character was plotting to attack you once you reach your camp. No 'getting a bad feeling' and deciding not to go home now. No! Blunder right into that trap like the clueless idiot that you are, dammit! (This is an irritating subject for me. -_- )

No GodModding:
This is when you control another person's character in some way. This means:

    * No making another character say something.
    * No making another character do something out of character for them.
    * No making another character do or say something they normally wouldn't.
    * No controlling another character's actions so that you can do something else.

No Mary-Sues/ Gary-Stus:
These are characters that are 'perfect'. They are generally liked by everybody, beautiful, intelligent, fit, popular, and have no flaws. They have a perfect life and nothing ever goes wrong for them. They are boring and have no character, and we don't want them here.

No Anti-Mary-Sues or anti-Gary-Stus:
These are the opposite of Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. They are moody, disliked, loners, and they don't fit in. They have a tragic past, and nothing seems to go right for them. They may have a mental or physical disability, and are usually labeled 'goth' or 'emo'. They may have some sort of artistic ability, or have an animal companion (although in this case, everyone has animal companions XD). They are 'individuals': Wrong! They are a dime a dozen, overused characters who exist to attract attention to themselves.

No Cybering:
This is a site for RPing, not cyber-sex. Romance is alright in RPs, to some extent. Don't describe the... intimate relations... that your characters share. Really, no-one wants to read that. Or if they do, they shouldn't be coming here.

No Plot-Killing:
This is where you 'solve' the problem that is the reason for people to role play. And example would be: "Oh no, the camp is under attack from an army of badgers!" "It's okay, I killed them all with my crazy ninja-cat moves. Want to go hunting?" See? Now there's no reason to RP, and you've just made several people very annoyed with you.

Please be active. Come online at least once a week to check your RP topics, because it isn't nice to leave others to wait several days until you return and post. Activity checks will be posted every so often, and if you do not post in them then your characters will be put up for adoption. The only exception to this is if you are going on vacation or will be absent for some reason, and then you must tell us ahead of time. Post a topic in the Absences category so that we know how long you'll be gone.

You may have as many characters as you like, as long as you keep them all active. Do not post with your characters until they have been accepted by an admin or mod and moved to the Accepted Biographies section.

This is a Literate site! If you are unable to post something of decent length with proper grammar, you will not be allowed to Roleplay. All Roleplaying posts must be at least eight complete sentences long with proper grammar, including capitals and punctuation and all those nice things. However, this being said, it is expected that you are able to write longer posts if you want to. If you have to wrack your brains in order to get out more than one measly paragraph, this site is not for you.
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